Why Couples Should Try Anal Sex

Sex is arguably one of the primary factors that keeps people in a relationship. However, doing the same thing all the time can become very boring. Therefore, to keep the spark in the bedroom it is important to try new things and be willing to be at least a little freaky and nasty for your partner. For instance, every couple should try anal sex at least once. You may be skeptical at first about the potential this has in sex, but a majority of people that have tried this insist it is a great way to achieve sexual satisfaction.

It has all the characteristics of vaginal sex, except the self-lubrication exhibited by the vagina. Therefore, for both of to enjoy sex, you need to prepare in advance for this session. For instance, it is crucial that you acquire a sterile lubricant to be used during anal sex. The proper lubricant is important to make sure that neither partner experiences pain in the process.

By also engaging in an anal experience once in a while, the two of you remind each other that you still can go to any depth in ensuring that you both get new and exciting sexual pleasure. Just think of this scenario from the same angle you would look at a sex position. How will you feel if you and your partner used one sex positions throughout the time you’ve been in a relationship? It probably could be boring and non-motivating to have sex!

The other reason why couples or anyone in a relationship should try anal sex is that it results in no pregnancy. Remember, there are times when you want sex but you still are reluctant to use condoms or birth control pills, but you are not ready for a pregnancy either. The best solution is to try anal sex. There’s no need for the two of you to starve each other sexually because you’re afraid of getting a pregnancy.

Anal sex gives you a wild sex experience. In a relationship, every woman would at one point wish to get the bad girl tag. As it is with bad girls, they can go to any extent to get pleasure in whatever they choose to do. Wild sex is one of these things they can engage in. Therefore, with anal sex, you will get a rough or wild sexual experience.

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