Island Emergency

We all dream of escaping sometimes. The British summer wasn’t really the greatest. Instead of taking a holiday, I knuckled down and got on with my work at outcall London escorts. However, I must admit that I dreamed of going on a holiday. A couple of the other outcall London escorts that I work with went on holiday, but I stayed in London dreaming of my perfect deserted island and where I would go on holiday. Also, what would I take with me to my perfect deserted island?

I guess that one thing most outcall London escorts would pack if they got offered a stay on a deserted island, would be all of their favorite sex toys. I have to admit that I would pack my sex toys as well. That is unless the island would happen to have an amazing hedonistic resort on it. Hedonistic holidays have over the last few years become very popular with outcall London escorts. I am not sure they are for everybody, but I have had a really good time on the ones that I have tried.

What about body care? One of the things that I would certainly take to my desert island, would be my sun tan lotion. On top of that, I would also pack my goat’s milk soap. If you want to have amazing skin, one of the best things you can buy is goat’s milk soap. My outcall London escorts clients are always complimenting me on my nice soft skin. I can only attribute my soft skin to my special soap. I love it and would recommend my soap to all other London escorts who like to have really soft skin. The soap would be right at home on a deserted island to make sure that my skin stays soft and smooth.

I would also take my favorite tunes. That is easy to do these days. All you have to do is to take your phone or you iPod with you to be able to continue to enjoy your tunes. Better still, it would be best to take your iPad. In that way, you get the best of both worlds if you know what I mean. You can watch videos and listen to your music. Of course, it all depends on if you have access to the internet or not, Fortunately, most places around the world now offers smooth access to the online world.

Would I also take my favorite bikini? If there is one thing I would pack, it would have to be my favorite bikini. Just like other London escorts, I love to wear a sexy bikini on holiday. What color bikini do most London escorts go for? I think that most London escorts like to wear a red bikini. They are always sexy and look great on most girls. I would not want to pack too much. What is the point in going to a deserted island if you can’t walk around naked from time to time?

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