Are Some London Escorts Luckier Than Others?

There are two types of London escorts – lucky ones and not so lucky ones. Some would probably say it is about elite London escorts and cheap London escorts, but that would not be true. There are some cheap escorts in London who have got some of the hottest dating diaries in town. It may seem hard to believe but elite London escorts do not always end up dating the richest guys or businessmen. But, I guess you can say that I have been very lucky with my London escorts career. Before I joined I used to work in this rather posh club in London so I met a lot of the men I date there.

From there on, I have sort of built up my business with charlotte escorts and now I am doing very well. The majority of the men that I date at the escort agency are wealthy and very nice to me at the same time. It definitely has a little bit to do with luck but smart planning comes into it as well. Am I spoiled? I guess you can say that I am rather spoiled when it all comes down to it. The men I date at London escorts are sort of the crème de la crème if you know what I mean. I have always aimed to attract a certain gent and so far it seems to have worked out.

You have to be both lucky and smart about it, and I have gone after a certain style at the London escorts agency that I work when it comes down to it. I guess you can say that my lifestyle is kind of upmarket.Unlike some of my colleagues, I always tend to end up in the best restaurant in London. Not only that, but I have also been able to enjoy a lot of exciting weekend breaks with my gentlemen. Only last weekend, one of my favorite dates at London escorts flew me to Milan on a private jet. We had a really good time and stayed in this 5-star hotel. It was something special to lay out by the pool and drink fresh peach job. That is the sort of thing I get to enjoy all of the time when I am on duty with London escorts. I don’t regret for one moment having become an escort.

Some girls say that they are totally miserable when they work for London escorts, but that certainly does not apply to me at all. I love it but I do worry about the future. I would love to continue the kind of lifestyle I enjoy with London escorts, but I am not sure that is going to happen. However, some of the girls have been lucky enough to end up spending the rest of their lives with their dates. With a little bit of luck, and perhaps some smart planning as well, it could happen to me. You never know what, or who is waiting for you on your next date.

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