My slutty lifestyle

The girls that I work with at East Ham escorts in call me a genuine slut. I am sure that I have got  my image right. There are some men out there who like to date posh tarts, but there are also still plenty of men out there who  like date sluts. During my time as an escort in London, I have done well working as a slutty escort. The only thing is that a lot of escort agencies in London are not so keen on slutty escorts, they want posh girls.

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To do well as a slutty escort, you really need to embrace the lifestyle of a slut. It took me some doing to become a slutty escort. A lot has to do with the way you are when you are on duty. When I am working for East Ham escorts, I am really a rather different person than the person I am in real life. But I still like to hang out on to part of my sluttiness. It is a bit like an actress being in character I guess.


My image is always slightly slutty. Even when I am not at East Ham escorts, I make sure that my nails are really long, and painted in some sort of slightly outrageous way. At the moment I have got this leopard skin design on my nails and I must admit that it makes me feel a little wild. Also my eye lashes are really long, and I wear some glued on jewellery on the right side of my nose.


Instead of my hair being the standard blond or brunette hair you may associate with the girls at East Ham escorts, it is rose coloured. It really makes me stand out, and I think that I look dead sexy. Lots of the gents who check out our East Ham escorts website seem to agree with me as well. I certainly have got plenty of them contacting me about dates, and once I have got a guy going out with me, he seems to want to come back for more.


Slutty escorts in East Ham used to be THE THING, but things have changed a lot. Most girls worry too much about stuff but I just like to have fun when I am at work. This is why I am sticking to my slutty look, and try to make the most of it while it is still okay to be a slutty escort. I am sure that one day things will have to change, and I will be forced into looking more like a main stream escort in London. Is that something that I am looking forward to? No, I don’t think so, and when that happens, I may just have to find something else to do, and learn not how to be such a slut. Do I really want that? I am not sure that I do, but like I have say to myself, I really have enjoyed my time as a slut.


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